Trust me, you can read energy

It’s time to demystify what it means to be psychic. Let’s retire the crystal ball nonsense, get real, and focus on the basics. Everyone is picking up on energy, all the time, every day.

Discover how to easily feel energy, and read the information in that energy. With a conversational coaching approach, and simple effective techniques, this book will help to expand your connection to energy.

If you’re interested in expanding your confidence and curiosity on the topics of energy, Spirit Guides, and the Universe, this beginner’s guide was written for you.

How do I Know You're Psychic?

It’s simpler than you may think. Quantum physics tells us that everything in this Universe is made up of energy packets. Everything is energy. Your awareness to this energy is what defines your experience. With your senses, beyond the five physical senses, you are constantly picking up on, and reading energy.

Stepping into your psychic, or energy reading, abilities is about increasing your awareness to that energy. You then begin to translate the information that is within the energy. In this book, we’ll discuss different ways to master your reading skills, with confidence.

Is This Book for You?

Perhaps you’ve felt a pull towards spirituality or have a curiosity around the law of attraction and manifesting.  You may feel like you have reliable intuition and want to feel more confidence around trusting it. Perhaps you’ve received psychic readings in the past and already have ideas about Spirit, the Universe, and how it comes together. You may event want to communicate with your Spirit Guides. Maybe you know me, and you clicked some links to get here.

I invite you to stay curious, and explore this material. I put it together to expand the conversation around what it means to read energy, be spiritual, and to carve your own path forward. 

ROSALIE brown los angeles

About the Author

Rosalie Brown | Intuitive Coach & Author

Rosalie Brown is a practicing psychic and intuitive coach. In her free time she listens to true crime podcasts and hikes in Griffith Park. She has a soft spot for rescue dogs. Mama to 2, friend to many, gratitude for days and days.

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