About Rosalie

My name is Rosalie. I’m a psychic, connecting with my spirit guides (and yours) to download information. In the broadest sense, I use my clairvoyant abilities to communicate information for your highest and greatest good. That’s a fancier way of saying that I give clients readings, so they can move forward in their lives with confidence and peace.


Rosalie Brown authorI wrote “Yes, You Are Psychic,” because I believe it’s really time to remove the mysticism and mystery around reading energy. I know we all have ideas on what a psychic looks like, and how they move about in the world, but you know what? We are all able to read energy, we do it every day. It’s the currency of this planet.

I also had stayed in the closet for years, not wanting to call myself psychic. I didn’t look or act like mystics I had met. I didn’t and still don’t participate in full moon rituals, I don’t pray to Goddesses, I don’t chant, and I rarely meditate, not that any one of those activities is a bad thing. I just felt really disconnected from folks who did. You don’t need to hold any specific spiritual beliefs or have specific spiritual practices, to read energy. You just need some stillness, some awareness, and some curiosity.

Anything I share is through my own lens and my own experiences. What is shared in this book is simply one path, and my intent is simply to share what has been helpful for me. The extra special moments in life come from helping others see themselves as the amazing, beautiful unicorns that they are!

Stepping into our power is different for all of us. My purpose in this lifetime is to help people connect with their best selves, through spiritual and energetic interactions; sometimes it’s from giving a reading, other times its through mentoring, it can also come simply from sharing my experiences. That’s what I like to think “Yes, You Are Psychic” is – a collection of my experiences.

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